Industry insights under one umbrella (November 2018)

Multotec’s Knowledge Centre, an online reservoir of industry knowledge, now offers tailored information for 3 specific target markets – engineers, managers and students. Containing a mix of white papers, case studies, conference presentations, the latest news articles and recommended reading material, the Knowledge Centre provides current industry insights on 5 broad industry categories: mineral processing; power generation; defence & security; chemical industry; and process water treatment.

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As a source of current, accredited and verified information on new developments and ongoing findings, Multotec ensures that its Knowledge Centre has the resources to support the specified target markets. Plant personnel and industry consultants also benefit from this knowledge, as do all customers – current and future.

Multotec sets itself apart by offering this information service for free, and in a manner that is easily accessible. An easy-to-navigate interface provides internet users with the option of selecting any of the industry and target market categories. The selected category is then populated with downloadable articles relevant to the search, which can also be printed. Additionally, a keyword search facility makes it even easier and faster to find the information relevant to searchers’ queries.

An excellent track record of reliability and commitment exceeding 40 years; metallurgical process knowledge and the application thereof; and articles penned by industry experts are only three of many reasons to rely Multotec’s Knowledge Centre for up-to-date, pertinent industry insights.

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Latest News

  • Multotec Builds High Recovery Water Treatment Plant in Middle East (Nov 2018)

    After extensive test work and design, mineral processing specialist Multotec Group is commissioning a full‑scale DeSALx® plant to treat waste water from a flue gas desulphurisation scrubber, at a minerals processing plant in Oman in the Middle East. READ MORE

  • Proven Innovative Scrolled Design On Centrifuge (Nov 2018)

    Known for its robust construction, the Siebtechnik Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge offers ease of operation due to its ability to absorb process variations. It’s scrolled or wormed design is well proven in solid liquid separation applications, across a broad spectrum of industries. READ MORE

  • Innovative Crane Makes Cyclone Maintenance Easy and Safe (Nov 2108)

    The innovative jib crane can be mounted and retrofitted to on top of any cyclone cluster. Ever aware of the handling complexities during cyclone maintenance, Multotec Process Equipment has developed an innovative jib crane installation which can be mounted on top of the cyclone cluster dis... READ MORE