Multotec China is growing!


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Multotec Screening Systems (MSS) has been officially operating in Tianjin, China for over nine months. MSS was founded from TSS (Tema Siebtechnik Screening Systems) and became a new member of the Multotec Group in 2017. MSS is located in the Wuqing district of Tianjin, which forms part of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei high technology zone. It is easily accessible with only half an hour from Wuqing to Beijing city by bullet train. Being based here, it is most helpful in attracting talented staff and is easily accessible to supplier resources.


Wei Shuo on a break and still smiling after a hard job on site.

Considering the vast distances between customer locations, we travel either by air or high-speed train. During the last two years MSS staff grew from five to 20, and doubled the business volume achieved by TSS in the same time period.

The right team for the best business

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The economy hit rock bottom in China at the end of 2016. We now have a new team and are overcoming all kinds of difficulties, striving to develop customers and production, to achieve the maximum positive results for the business. We value our team as they are the core of the company.


Shi Bo is casting in our workshop. We continue to produce panels in the yellow colour originally supplied by TSS.

Innovation technology, boosting the business

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Generally, Chinese customers are always interested in high technology products, like the TeePee panels which are new to China. Before Multotec brought the TeePee panel to China, there was no similar product in fine aperture applications.

Under the vigorous promotion by MSS staff, more and more customers have started to try this innovation technology. The MSS team invested lots of time testing the TeePee panel for the dewatering application, and have now built a trusted relationship with Chengde, an iron ore customer. 



Screen conversion with a combination of TeePee and flat panels to improve the dewatering performance dealing with iron ore waste.

The customer is beginning to accept not only TeePee panels, but also other WS85 panels. The application covers both the dewatering process and coarse and fine screening process.

Strong support from production base NANFEI (South Africa)

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We also thank our SA colleagues Mr. Anton Vermeulen, Mr. Ken Tuckey, Mr. Roy Roche and Mr. Russell Hay (in alphabetical order) for their generous assistance. Every business trip with the MSS team always speeds up the time frame in helping us solve a lot of problems. Without your expert experience, you would never go so fast.


Anton Vermeulen, Roy Roche, Mars Woo (Sales) visit coal mine customer.

Ken is organising the business development side of things to meet the short-, medium- and long-term goals. Anton and Russell help the sales team to enter new markets, and they have been training us on basic screening technology to make sure we are moving in the right direction and delivering critical solutions for the coal mining and hard rock markets.



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