New Cost Effective Multotec Ceramic Tile For Coal And Power (August 2017)

Multotec Wear Linings has developed a medium density (MD) alumina ceramic tile that can be used in low to medium wear applications, and which will lead to real cost savings in coal and power generation plants.

“Proudly developed here in South Africa, this unique tile is strategically positioned between the less wear resistant capabilities of rubber or polyurethane on the one hand, and the high performance high density alumina ceramic tile solutions on the other,” Mark Jarrett, national sales manager at Multotec Wear Linings, says.

The Multotec MD ceramic tile is a response to customer requirements for a more cost effective ceramic wear tile in industries like coal and power generation, where the cost of high density alumina tiles proved prohibitive in the recent past. “This was due to the major focus on short term cost cutting in lieu of long term cost savings by the end users,” says Jarrett.

“This new fit-for-purpose product is not a replacement for high density alumina tiles, but is rather application-specific and performs like basalt tiles, with the advantage that the MD tile has a uniform wear rate throughout its life,” he says.

The product brings a number of advantages in addition to its cost effectiveness. Its larger size, for instance, facilitates faster installation time; while the traditional sizes require 67 tiles per square metre, there are only 45 MD tiles in a square metre.

“They are also substantially lighter than the high density tiles, creating less stress on the steel structures in which the tiles are installed,” says Jarrett. “The non-standard size and colour of the Multotec MD tile ensures that it is easy to distinguish from the normal, white high density tile, and misapplication is prevented.”

He adds that the tile work-polishes to a very smooth finish, lowering the friction coefficient; this improves product flow over the tiles and reduces product hang-up in critical areas. The Multotec MD tiles are also easier to cut, which speeds up maintenance activity and reduces downtime.