Esté Haupt (General Manager - Cyclones)

Quick Facts

Name: Esté Haupt
Position at Multotec: General Manager - Cyclones
Started at Multotec: 2010
Business Philosophy: Surround yourself with people smarter than you.

Esté was appointed in 2018 as General Manager of Multotec’s Cyclones division.

With a number of degrees behind her - B.Com Accounting, B.Com Accounting (Hons), CA (SA) & MBL – Esté has 13 years of post article experience working in the IT industry before moving to Multotec.

In 2010 she started at Multotec as the Financial Manager for the Group and then moved over as the Commercial Manager for Multotec Process Equipment to gain more knowledge of the business and the product.

She says her recent move to General Manager has been “challenging in many ways but also very rewarding.”