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Multotec Multolag™ and MATO conveyor belt systems and products are proven to reduce downtime and belt slippage in your application! Our in-house developed systems are able to reduce your conveyance costs with reduced friction and wear rates!

Our belt cleaning and fastening systems ensure fewer belt stoppages and downtime; and our direct bond ceramic pulley lagging systems reduce conveyor belt slip for drive and non-drive pulleys.

Each product in our conveyor belt systems range works to increase the lifespan of your at loading points by absorbing the energy of ore transfer, and providing wear resistance with our range of Multolag™ ceramic products.

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Our conveyer system solutions comprise:

Benefits of conveyor system solutions:

  • Low friction reduces wear
  • Facilitates increased plant availability
  • Reduces downtime and operating costs
  • Belt tracking easily maintained
  • Long product life reduces overheads

Minimise downtime & reduce overheads by choosing the product for your conveying needs

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Multolag™ Pulley Lagging

Multolag™ pulley lagging comprises ceramic drive and non-drive pulley lagging which does not wear, reducing downtime and costs.

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Loading Points

Loading points feature low friction impact bars with a focus on low maintenance and ease of installation.

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MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Multotec uses only MATO belt cleaning products to increase your conveying uptime.

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MATO Conveyor Solutions

MATO Conveyor Solutions supplies the full range of conveyor belt solutions. View the full range of products here!

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