MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners

MATO is a world-leader in conveyor belt maintenance equipment and makes use of Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaner series MUP2 & MCP3-S and the Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaner series MUS2 and MCS2-S.

Both series have extremely high cleaning levels, minimising costs and increasing uptime. Our belt cleaners are safe to use, MATO fastener friendly and guarantee smooth efficient conveyor belt functioning.

MATO belt cleaners features and benefits

  • High cleaning level ensures more uptime
  • Choice of primary and secondary cleaners or both, reducing downtime and labour costs
  • 3 clamping types to suit your requirements, ensuring improved productivity and less spillage

Primary Cleaner MUP2 & MCP3-S

The MUP2 & MCP3-S with polyurethane sheets for pre-cleaning:

  • high level of cleaning due to its specialised blade shape
  • well-suited for belts with mechanical splices
  • sheets are available in various polyurethane finishes
  • dimensions for belt widths from 750 – 1800 mm
  • Self-adjusting

The MUP2 & / or MCP3-S Conveyor Belt Cleaner can be clamped using the airbag clamping method, spring tension and screw mounting. The airbag method provides the longest maintenance-free operation. The tension is 80 mm and eliminates the need for readjustment.

Secondary MUS2 & MCS2-S

The MCS2-S & MUS2 series provides an extremely high level of cleaning because of the arc shape of the squeegee. It is highly recommended for stubborn dirt removal not eradicated by already installed scrapers. The sheets are available in various carbide and polyurethane finishes.

The arc shape, even in the hard metal version, is ‘connector friendly’ when used for mechanical splices as the connection does not touch the scraper.

  • Dimensions for belt widths from 750 – 1800 mm

Secondary Scraper MCS4

The MCS4 is generally used for the main cleaning and has a high-cleansing durable carbide.

  • Shock resistance makes it ideal for use on belts with mechanical splices
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Belt width dimensions from 750 – 1800 mm
  • Self-adjusting

The proof is in the pudding

A cross-border trial of MATO Diagonal for conveyor systems at a mining company in neighbouring Botswana was so successful that two-thirds into a 3-month trial the company ordered 11 cleaner sets. Due to the effectiveness of these conveyor systems solutions, the previous order was bolstered by another for an additonal 6 cleaners several months later. Read about MATO Diagonal in Botswana here.

Regional Availability

MATO products are available from Multotec for the Southern, Eastern and Central African regions.

Minimise downtime & reduce overheads by choosing the product for your conveying needs

In the News

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