MATO Conveyor Belt Fasteners

MATO stocks high performance fasteners and fasteners for light tensile conveyor belts. Our products are safe to use and guarantee a smooth efficient conveyor belt operation. They are made from durable cold forged stainless steel resulting in corrosion and abrasion resistance.

MATO is a world-leader in conveyor belt fasteners and maintenance equipment.

MATO Fastener features:

MATO mechanical fasteners have several distinguishing factors giving them a competitive edge:

  • High static and dynamic strength increases product longevity
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance facilitates increased uptime
  • Optimum pitch allows high flexibility
  • Cost-effective reducing overall costs
  • Long wear life resulting in minimum downtime

MATO belt fasteners have a low profile which results in better scraper interaction and less wear as well as reduction in noise on pulleys and idlers.

High Performance Fasteners

MATO offers a range of high performance fasteners comprising Machine Plate Fasteners, the Screw System MS and a range of customisable accessories.

Machine High Tensile Fastener

Machine installed plate fasteners from MATO include the U30 and S30 -System, the safest and longest lasting mechanical lacing system in the world; the Stainless Steel Fastener U30SS and S30SS, used in application where corrosion is a problem;and the Eco-Fastener E30, for applications where frequent splice changes are necessary.

Screw System MS (Repair Fastener)

Used for belt splicing and rip repairs, the Screw System MS from MATO is easy to install and used as a repair connector for longitudinal cracks. It provides vice-like compression.


Our high performance fastener accessories include:

  • Belt clamps
  • Belt cutters
  • Belt skiver
  • Belt marker
  • Alba Tirfo complete with rope or separate
  • Belt grip (Hedgehog)

Fasteners for Light Tensile Conveyor Belts

MATO offers a range of fasteners for light tensile conveyor belts comprising the Hammer System, Repair System, Wire System and a range of accessories.

Hammer Installed Systems

Comprising 6 variations, MATO Hammer Installed Systems comprise:

  • U20 for use in all belts with flange thickness of 4 to 7 mm and maximum strength of 450 kN/m
  • DR has preinstalled staples, including connecting rod
  • H20 is designed for belts with 5 to 6 mm flange thickness and maximum strength of 450 kN/m. It is ideal for applications where, despite small drum diameter sizes, maximum service life is required.
  • D70 / D80 and S80 systems are quick and easy to install, and is effective for lacing applications

Screw System MS (Repair Fastener)

The Screw System MS from MATO is easy to install and used as a repair connector for longitudinal cracks. It provides vice-like belt compression.

Wire Systems

MATO wire systems comprise 3 ranges, the M-range, R-range and M+R range. Each range’s primary applications are for filter press, laundries, airports, food and beverage and distribution centres.


Our light tensile conveyor belt fastener accessories include:

  • Binders for textile belts
  • An LD 150 belt cutter
  • Portable belt cutter TGS
  • Super grip planer
  • Hammer

MATO, a South African Manufacturer, has the right connection for every application!


Regional Availability

MATO products are available from Multotec for the Southern, Eastern and Central African regions.

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