Scrubber Liners

Scrubber liners from Multotec are ideal for hard minerals such as diamonds, and for treatment of laterite and other high clay ores.

Multotec uses computer simulations to determine an optimal height to angle (H2A) to ensure cascading of the material, while keeping breakage in mind.

Countersunk bolts from the outside of the shell are used for tyre and roller driven scrubbers. This requires the shell lifters to be drilled and a special bolting arrangement used.

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Scoops are occasionally supplied to assist in emptying the scrubber prior to maintenance for security reasons.

  • Wide installed base in the diamond industry
  • Improved material cascading motion due to computer simulations

Improve the performance and service life of your scrubber mill with our range of linings.

Regional Availability

This is available to the global market, except for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian markets.

Increase product life and reduce downtime with Multotec's mill and scrubber linings


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