Cyclone Densifiers

With over 40 years’ experience in the design and application of densification in dense medium circuits, Multotec has developed a range of densifiers – the most cost effective method of maximising water removal whilst minimising medium losses in a dense medium circuit.

Our extensive application knowledge and in-house cyclone simulation software will accurately size and predict the right cyclone densifier for your application.   

Our cyclone densifiers are available in the following diameters: 100, 165, 250 and 350 mm, and our pipe densifiers in 100 and 200 mm.


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Features of our cyclone densifiers:

  • Scrolled evolute inlet head design
  • Replaceable cast iron sections (for the 100 mm pipe densifier)
  • Replaceable polyurethane liners (for the 200 mm pipe densifier)
  • All cyclone densifiers have replaceable sections

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Cyclone and pipe densifiers materials of construction:

  • 27% high Chrome cast iron for highly abrasive applications (for the 100 mm pipe densifier)
  • Polyurethane components which offer high wear resistance (for the 200mm pipe densifier liners, and the cyclone densifiers)

Our cyclone densifiers can be installed to lower your plant footprint and overall costs!


  • Multotec cyclone densifiers can be installed in compact cyclone distributors which offer a small footprint, making this installation cost effective.
  • Multiple pipe densifiers can be installed in a ‘Christmas tree formation’ which offers ease of operation while still offering a small and cost-effective footprint.
  • The 100 mm diameter pipe densifier can be fitted using either a loose flange or clambon coupling, depending on the plant set up. The advantage of the preferred clambon coupling is that the densifier feed and discharge points can be rotated in any orientation to accommodate the pipe work on the plant.
  • Similarly, with the 200 mm diameter pipe densifier, the feed and the discharge points can be rotated relative to each other by bolt pitch.

Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

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