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Multotec’s cyclone distributors, fabricated from mild steel and lined internally to minimise wear, ensure even feed distribution.

Our cyclone distributors feature compact designs that reduce floor area requirements while providing sufficient room for access and maintenance.

Cyclone distributors are designed with maximum flexibility in mind and are suited to compact spaces, harsh operating conditions and with operator walkways. In addition to our alternative cyclone distributor designs, Multotec will customise a distributor solution according to your application requirements.

Features of our cyclone distributors:

  • Compact design ensures minimal footprint on floor space
  • Cost-effective solutions developed by skilled engineers with extensive application knowledge
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge or pressure transmitter to monitor cyclone performance
  • Highly efficient distribution capabilities 
  • Long lasting materials of construction 
  • Custom designed to meet client area requirements
  • Sampling points are incorporated
  • Distribution design minimises pressure losses resulting in higher energy transfers to the cyclones

Multotec cyclone distributors require only 3 connections: feed, overflow discharge and underflow discharge. Fill out our enquiry form here to find out more about our cyclones.


Feed distributor

  • Radial or in-line to ensure equal solids and liquid distribution to each cyclone for equal cyclone performance
  • Top or bottom feed options available
  • All internal surfaces lined with an abrasion resistant wear liner, either rubber or ceramic lining with various thicknesses
  • Supplied with pressure gauge or pressure transmitter to monitor cyclone operation
  • Integrated sampling point

Overflow Launder

Individual cyclone overflow discharge into a common launder:

  • Launder outlet pipe is sized to allow the maximum flow rate to discharge under gravity
  • Overflow launder can be fitted with splash covers
  • Launder is rubber lined or ceramic tiled
  • Integrated sampling point 

 Underflow Launder

Individual cyclone spigots discharge into a common underflow launder:

  • Large diameter outlet pipe and correct angle of tank base ensure that the dense spigot can discharge under gravity.
  • Removable splash covers minimise splashing spray whilst allowing quick access to spigots. 
  • Uniquely designed for floor level installation to allow visual inspection of the spigot discharge  and easy spigot maintenance.
  • Launder is rubber lined or ceramic tiled.

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