Dense Medium Cyclones

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Multotec’s dense medium cyclones provide maximum wear resistance in dense media separation processes across harsh operating conditions. This is achieved through its casting in 27% high chrome cast iron, which also contributes to reduced maintenance requirements and therefore lower dense media separation plant downtime.

As international cyclone separator manufacturers and a global leader in dense media cyclones with respect to design, application and process efficiency, Multotec has optimised dense media separation in the pre-concentration of minerals, specifically coal and diamonds. It has been working on these cyclone separator optimisation processes, and other mineral processing technology, for over 40 years, and continues to do so to better service both its global and local clientele.

A dense media cyclone – or heavy medium cyclone – used in mineral processing from Multotec includes the scrolled evolute head design and:

  • is the ultimate in alumina tiled cyclone engineering design;
  • enables minimised turbulence; and  
  • reduces energy usage.

Our Dense Medium Cyclones

Cast Iron Cyclones

Utilising 27% chrome for the ultimate wear protection in abrasive applications, the cast iron dense medium cyclone range guarantees good separation efficiencies and maximum wear life

Ceramic Lined Cyclones

The engineered chamfered tiles and design innovations in the MAX range of ceramic lined cyclones provide the ultimate in wear resistance with this type of cyclone.

Cyclone Densifiers

Incorporating replaceable sections (cast iron sections and polyurethane liners), these densifiers cost-effectively maximise water removal while minimising medium losses in a dense medium circuit.

Monocone Cyclone

Cyclones combine the spigot and cone into a single unit using a cone-spigot monolithic design to ensure no groove or inward step compared to well-worn spigots.

The cyclone scrolled evolute head design

The scrolled evolute head design is the heart of Multotec’s dense medium cyclone efficiency. This design, used in Multotec’s dense medium cyclones, is coupled with an engineered tile wear surface. The combination of these two ensures maximum separation efficiency and maximum wear life.

Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec proved that the scrolled evolute inlet design has a higher capacity when compared to standard inlet configurations. This design substantially reduces vortex finder wear, thereby reducing operating costs while maximising cyclone efficiency. The result is also a stable air core inside the cyclone and reduced energy consumption in heavy medium separation.

The scrolled evolute inlet design, when compared to the conventional cyclone inlet design, assists in obtaining high separation efficiencies at lower operating pressures - . With the increase in the cost of energy, using dense medium cyclones offer higher capacities – reducing overall energy consumption in the process.

Scrolled evolute inlet head advantages

Multotec’s scrolled evolute inlet head design offers customers numerous benefits. A few of these are:

  • Maximum efficiency of separation
  • Reduced misplacement of product
  • Cost effective beneficiation solutions 
  • Superiority of cyclone design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
  • Field tested
  • Minimised turbulence 
  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder
  • Overall operating costs are reduced
  • Reduced energy usage

The engineered tile wear surface

Each engineered tile is specifically designed for its place in the complete tile kit, ensuring a very tight fit, with the absolute minimum space at the end of the tile joints. The widths are selected to provide a smooth internal surface, resulting in a long-lasting wear surface.

Engineered tiles are pressed with chamfered sides and then, while in the green state, are cut precisely to the required shape. This ensures that gaps between the tiles are minimised.

Standard pressed tiles are hand cut resulting in gaps between the tiles. The epoxies used to bond the tiles wear more rapidly than alumina tiles. As wear progresses, the tile surface becomes increasingly uneven, resulting in accelerated wear.

Options for specialised applications 

Using its mineral processing technology in its dense media separation equipment, Multotec is perfectly positioned to provide alternative options for specialised applications to the market, having done so on numerous occasions. Some of these alternative options include special materials of construction and wear linings.

Leading the world in custom, application-specific mineral processing technology

Cyclones: CL Cast Iron range with self-aligning joints

The spigot to cone is a self-aligning joint which ensures there is no in-step, leading to reduced misplacement of material. Rubber gaskets ensure consistency in free vortex finder lengths and fewer bolts enable quicker maintenance.

As a global leader in cyclone separation efficiency, Multotec understands the common process factors that affect the performance of your dense medium cyclone. Our cyclone product specialist, Ersnt Bekker, highlights all the performance parameters Multotec measures when selecting the ideal dense medium cyclone, or other dense media separation equipment, for your application. Read more about this here.

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In the News

Multotec Provides the Necessary Expertise to Counter Common Process Factors Affecting Cyclone Performance (Feb 2015)

The most common process factors that affect Dense Medium Cyclone (DMC) performance can be mitigated by understanding the operation of a hydrocyclone, as well as the overall Dense Medium Separation (DMS) process.  


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Ceramic Lined Cyclones (MAX)

Ceramic lined cyclones (MAX range) provide the ultimate in wear resistance with engineered chamfered tiles and design innovations.

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Cast Iron Cyclones

Multotec’s cast iron cyclones utilise 27% chrome and design innovations for ultimate wear protection and separation efficiency

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Cyclone Densifiers

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