GV Cyclones

GV cyclones from Multotec have been engineered specifically for use in tailings dams. Each GV cyclone is designed for individual applications to ensure that the feed parameters are matched to cyclone capacity.

GV cyclone: ideal for tailings dams

We manufactured the GV cyclone to suit the harsh operating conditions at tailings dams. Our GV cyclone design innovations include:

  • Cyclone weighs only 45 kg – so it can be easily moved
  • Cyclone withstands pressure spikes during start-up
  • Simple, fast and tool-free spigot changes
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Steel rubber-lined inlet head
  • Fibreglass cone fitted with a 15 mm-thick replaceable liner
  • New light-weight, quick-release screw spigot coupling

Multotec’s GV cyclone is currently available as a 220 mm ID cyclone with a 20° cone angle.

To ensure the correct volumetric split between overflow and underflow, the GV cyclone is available in different configurations to suit varying applications. Additionally, the spigot and the vortex finder are interchangeable, which enables fit-for-purpose installation.

Forming part of Multotec’s comprehensive range of cyclones within its array of mineral processing equipment, the low mass GV Cyclone is engineered to reduce the amount of maintenance normally required for equipment in tailings dam operations.  

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GV Cyclone advantages 

  • Various spigot & vortex finders provide optimum flexibility
  • Interchangeable vortex finders and spigots enable fit-for-purpose installation
  • Feed parameters match cyclone capacity, extending cyclone lifespan
  • Lightweight construction (45 kg) means easy handle-ability
  • Easy removal and replacement due to a 4-start spigot holder reduces downtime

Multotec has revolutionised cyclone design with its scrolled evolute inlet head designs. Click here to contact us today!

The GV Disposable Cyclone

Multotec has taken its GV cyclone offering a step further and engineered a tailored GV cyclone specifically for tailings dams. It is designed to be cost-effective over the lifespan of the installation and is called the GV disposable cyclone.

The GV disposable cyclone keeps the cost of individual components as low as possible, while maintaining sound operational performance and without affecting the structural integrity or quality of the cyclone. The ability to interchange the spigot and vortex finder enables its fit-for-purpose installation and optimal flexibility is made possible due to the different sizes of these two components.

GV Disposable Cyclone advantages

  • Lightweight (only 45 kg) for easy maintenance
  • Features four-way start-thread spigot-holder for easy removal and replacement
  • Various application-specific installation options
  • Steel and glass fibre shell with polyurethane rubber components

How GV Cyclones work

Different spigot and vortex finder sizes, which are selected based on material characteristics and tailings dam requirements, provide optimum flexibility. Altering the combination of the spigot and vortex finder makes it possible to meet specific operational parameters. As each cyclone is designed for individual applications, feed parameters are matched to cyclone capacity, ultimately optimising the cyclones lifespan.

This range of cyclones comprises a steel and glass fibre shell, as well as polyurethane and rubber components. GV cyclones can be individually wall-mounted or with custom-built skid-mounted installations.

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Other cyclones in our range include classification cyclones, dense medium cyclones,cyclone distributors and cyclone accessories.

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