High Capacity Classification Cyclones

High capacity cyclones are manufactured with a mild steel shell that is either lined with natural rubber (HC range) or ceramic tiles (HA range) according to your application requirements.

Maximum separation efficiency, low running costs and innovative designs and technology are at the heart of Multotec’s cyclone range.

Features of our high capacity cyclones:

  • Integrated port for pressure gauge which can double as a sampling point
  • Weep holes prevent damage of cyclone housings giving early warning for preventative maintenance
  • Lightweight overflow elbows made from abrasion-resistant polymer

HC Range of Cyclones with Natural Rubber

Multotec’s HC range of cyclones are manufactured with a mild steel shell lined with natural rubber.

All wetted surfaces are lined with 15 mm or 25 mm thick, replaceable rubber liners, which have a longer life than compared to conventional liners. This greatly reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Compression-moulded rubber, which has been extensively researched and is a development of rubber technology, is also available.

All major HC cyclone housings are designed with weep holes to alert plant operators when a liner needs replacing.

Advantages of weep holes:

  • Prevent damage of the cyclone housings
  • Permit maximum life to be obtained from liners

HA Range of Cyclones with Ceramic Tiles

Multotec’s HA range of cyclones are manufactured with a mild steel shell lined with ceramic tiles. The ceramic tile design prevents lining failure and maximises the lifecycle of the cyclone.

Engineered tiles provide the smoothest internal surface and maximum wear life. Each tile is specifically designed for, and allocated a place in, the cyclone for maximum strength and abrasion resistance.

Joints are designed to maximise separation efficiency.

All wetted joints are sealed with epoxy to avoid gaskets protruding into the cyclone body. Any possible areas of turbulence are minimised and a more efficient separation with less misplaced material is achieved.

The HA range of cyclones reflects Multotec’s expertise in both cyclone design and ceramic wear lining design.

Multotec’s high capacity classification cyclones achieve maximum separation efficiency, low running costs with innovative designs and technology. 

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