Mill Circuit Cyclones

With correct circuit design, Multotec is able to maximise the efficiency of the mill by optimising classification efficiency and the circulating load in the mill classification circuit.

Multotec’s team of engineers are trained to maximise cyclone efficiency, resulting in the correct cyclone selection which ultimately optimises downstream beneficiation processes.

The other major advantage of Multotec’s mill circuit cyclones is the reduction in energy per ton for the same product size via optimal cyclone selection.

Proper utilisation of mill circuit cyclones results in:

  • Reduced energy consumption due to inlet design
  • Single, double, and multiple stage cyclone configurations
  • Sharpened product size distributions
  • Reduced energy per ton
  • Single size or distributor mounted cluster cyclone configurations can be used to achieve specially designed cut-points
  • Distributors can also be of a bespoke design
  • Modular design cyclones with various materials of construction are designed to reduce wear for specific applications
  • Increased mill capacity which can be utilised to increase throughput or grind finer
  • Cyclone configuration can be altered to cater for changing operational conditions

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Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

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