Multotec Tornado 660 Cyclone

The Tornado 660 cyclone is Multotec’s new flange-to-flange-fit cyclone solution. It is ideal for clients looking to retrofit one of our high-capacity classification cyclones into an existing 26-inch cyclone cluster.

This new steel-lined solution was developed in response clients’ requests for the well-established and trusted Multotec classification cycloneto be retrofitted to any 26-inch cyclone cluster.

  • This means that mineral processing plants get the renowned benefits of a Multotec cyclone in any cluster! These benefits include:
  • Multotec’s scrolled evolute inlet head design that reduces the vortex wear and enables a higher-capacity separation 
  • Optimal separation efficiencies and lowered overall operating costs
  • Multotec’s range of replacement liners, including ceramic tiles or cast replaceable liners (read more about these wear liner options below)
  • This new cyclone is supplied in a range of configurations to suit any application. These configurations include cone angles to facilitate varying cut points as well as various sized spigots and vortex finders

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Available sizes:

The new Tornado 660 innovation is available in a 660 mm diameter. Multotec is currently expanding this range to accommodate other popular cyclone sizes.

Protected by Multotec’s range of liners:

In order to protect this retrofit cyclone from the wear and tear associated with mineral processing, Multotec can fit the most appropriate wear solution according to your application. These wear linersinclude our range of engineered ceramic tiles or cast replaceable rubber liners.

Multotec can assist you in selecting the most appropriate wear liner according to your plant process, taking commodity, application and client preference into consideration.

Adding to Multotec’s aftersales

Multotec is supplementing its extensive and renowned aftersales services with this new retrofit cyclone option, adding to our reputation of on-site support of our entire range of mineral processing equipment.

Taking Multotec closer to African mining:

Multotec operates a branch network that is strategically located at the mine mining centres throughout Africa. This means that in addition to clients’ having immediate access to its replacement liners, clients now have access to the refurbishment of ceramic lined cyclones, drastically lowering client downtime.


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