Pulp Distributors

Within a Multotec cyclone distributor, careful consideration is given to the design of the pulp distributor in order to ensure an even distribution of flow and an equal split of solids, whilst minimising wear through the outlet pipes.

Our top and bottom fed pulp distributors are supplied with a pressure gauge port suitable for a pressure gauge or pressure transmitter in order to monitor cyclone performance. A samplinng point can be incorporated if required.

Our pulp distributors are designed to ensure even slurry distribution by:

  • Outlet designed to reduce vena contractor effect and therefore reduce energy losses
  • Total area of the outlets is equal to the area of the inlet to maintain internal velocities
  • Computational fluid dynamics have been used to optimise the distributor design
  • Outlets symmetrical to inlet

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Multotec’s pulp distributors are designed for all mineral, liquid and slurry distribution applications:

  • Internally lined with ceramics or rubber according to your application requirements
  • Distributor size depends on feed pipe diameter and number of outlets requried

Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

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