Stacker Cyclones

Multotec stacker cyclones are ideally suited to applications where maximum underflow densities are required and the tonnage of solids handled by the spigot fluctuates.  All rubber lined and polyurethane cyclones can be supplied in a stacker cyclone configuration complete with flapper valve, rubber-lined overflow elbow and air-bleed/vacuum gauge arrangement.

The most important design aspect of the stacker cyclone is the flapper valve. The stacker cyclone is designed to be installed with an overflow pipe that creates a siphon effect. This closes the flapper valve and draws up the excess water from solids that are discharged through the flapper valve. The result is consistently high underflow densities, even at varying feed tonnages.


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  • Designed with scrolled evolute inlet head design
  • Minimised wear in abrasive applications
  • Long life vortex finder cast in abrasion resistant polyurethane
  • Steel rubber lined or lightweight HDPE overflow elbow
  • Flapper valve available in either polyurethane or natural rubber

Minimise wear and misplaced material with stacker cyclones from Multotec

The scrolled evolute inlet design: the heart of the Multotec cyclone range!

Through extensive testing and simulations, Multotec has proven that the scrolled evolute design has a higher capacity when compared to other inlet configurations. This designs substantially reduces vortex finder wear, thereby reducing operating costs while maximising cyclone efficiency!

Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

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