Water Injectors

Multotec supplies water injectors that are able to reduce the amount of short circuiting to the cyclone underflow by up to 50%!

Our water injector system is simple in design, and can fit between cyclone lower cone flanges or retrofitted to any installed Multotec classification cyclone.

The system works by feeding water into the cyclone at a lower position than the feed inlet which displaces fine material back into the overflow. The design of the injector allows for water to be fed in the same rotation as the flow of slurry in the cyclone. This unit can accommodate both left and right handed cyclones.

For optimal results, the water injectors should only be installed in vertically installed cyclones.

Benefits of using water injectors in your cyclone application:

  • Prevent fines short circuiting by up to 50%
  • Compact designs for simple installation
  • Equipped with sleeve and wear resistant casings to ensure minimal wear in tough applications
  • Ideal for left and right handed cyclones
  • Suitable for minimising fines misplacement, reduction in Total Disolved Solids or possibility of co-disposal

Multotec's water injectors ensure efficient cyclone operation by reducing the chances of short circuiting by up to 50%


Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

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