Wet End Flotation Wear Components

Wet end flotation wear components from Multotec maintain maximum froth flotation performance to ensure an enhanced mineral recovery operation. Available for all flotation cell types and sizes, Multotec’s range of wet end flotation wear components include hoods, dispersers, stators and rotors, which can be customised according to your froth application.


Manufactured with radial veins, Multotec hoods include shaft protection, rotors, mounting nuts and protector caps. These hoods inhibit swirling and wave action and encourage a smooth, controlled radial flow to maximise mineral recovery.


Multotec dispersers achieve a longer performance life, with semi-rigid polyurethane components combined with hard-wearing anti-abrasion properties for longer life.


Flotation stators from Multotec deliver maximum resistance against impact and wear and are available in modular, radial segments.


Through the omission of steel in specific areas, Multotec rotors deliver enhanced polyurethane shock absorption for reduced vibration fatigue and high abrasion resistance.

Wet end flotation component features:

  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • Maximum possible wear life
  • Polyurethane reinforcing at heaviest wear-bearing points
  • No rust and bolt locking

Maintain the high performance of your froth flotation operation with high-quality wet end flotation wear components from Multotec. Click here to fill out the form and contact us today.


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