Demagnetising Coils

Demagnetising coils provide demagnetisation of magnetic slurries in the minerals processing industry, regulating the magnetic viscosities of mineral streams to acceptable downstream processing standards.

The use of magnetic separation solutions in mineral recovery tends to induce residual magnetisation on particles, causing agglomeration of the magnetised particles which increases viscosity; solutions are required to maintain the optimum viscosity of the medium following magnetic separation.

Multotec’s demagnetising coils subject charged mineral streams to a constant, monotonically decreasing magnetic field through an IP65 rated unit to allow excellent demagnetisation.

Our demagnetising coils features:

  • Continuously operational coils ensure no material is missed (compared to pulsating coils)
  • Enhanced performance of downstream processing with viscosity regulated streams IP65 degree of protection

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Regional Availability

This is available to the African and Canadian markets only.

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