Dry Drum Magnetic Separators

Dry drum magnetic separators from Multotec are used in the dry separation of ferromagnetic ores. These separators facilitate a more efficient milling and processing operation through an initial upgrade of the desired feed material, delivering a more productive plant for a lower cost per processed ton.

Ideal for rougher or primary beneficiation applications, our dry drum magnetic separators recover highly magnetic material through its permanent magnet designs, while separating non-magnetic material. This reduces the amount of material fed to communition stages, lowering the costs of crushing and milling. Dry drum magnetic separators also act as an initial gangue material rejection stage, allowing for an increase of valued material to be fed to the plant.

Through different magnetic circuit designs and rotation speed options, our dry drum magnetic separators deliver high grade concentrate, middlings and tailings quantities.

Our dry drum magnetic separators features:

  • Ideal for cobbing iron ore beneficiation or banded iron stone removal on a diamond plant
  • Upgrades material feed for enhanced productivity of milling and grinding
  • Flexible magnetic recovery options available

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Regional Availability

This is available to the African and Canadian markets only.

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