Permax Wet Drum Magnetic Separators

The Permax wet drum magnetic separator from Multotec combines a drum with a stationary magnet arrangement and a specially-designed counter rotation tank, to deliver increased processing capacity and improved performance with minimal spare part and maintenance requirements.

Ideally-suited for dense media separation plants for maximum recovery of magnetic medium at the highest possible density, the Permax magnetic separator optimises the concentration of magnetite iron ore; the removal of magnetite from Heavy Mineral Concentrates; and the removal of magnetic contaminants before flotation or on flotation plant tailing streams.

Our Permax wet drum magnetic separator delivers:

  • High volume flow rate up to 160 m3/hr per metre drum width
  • High magnetics loading: 30 tph per metre drum width magnetite, with up to 40 tph per metre for ferrosilicon
  • Over 99.9% recovery efficiency for magnetite and ferrosilicon matter
  • High concentrate densities
  • Recover magnetic particles from slurries

Optimise your dense media separation with a wet drum magnetic separator from Multotec!


Regional Availability

This is available to the African and Canadian markets only.

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