Moh-9 ArMohTec Ceramic Protection

Moh-9 Armour Ceramics is an internationally recognised manufacturer and supplier of alumina based high performance armour ceramics used for personnel, vehicle and asset protection into law enforcement, military and defence applications globally.

A division of the Multotec Wear Linings, Moh-9 Armour Ceramics has developed and manufactured ArMohTec high performance armour ceramics since the 1980s.

MOH-9’s 96%, 98% and 99% alumina oxide ceramic (Al2O3) is available as both monolithic plates for body armour and in multi-tile configuration for body, vehicle and asset protection purposes. Moh-9 Armour Ceramics’ high performance alumina oxide ceramic is much harder than steel armour and is less than half the weight of steel having the following additional benefits:

  • High Young’s Modulus
  • High sonic velocity
  • High hardness
  • High fracture toughness
  • Complete range of custom and standard sizes
  • Monolithic ceramic breastplates as well as multi-tile configurations
  • Thickness from 3 to 50 mm as required by your application
  • Powerful protection against modern ammunition when used in conjunction with other high performance materials

As weapons technology is always improving, protection systems need to keep abreast of new developments. Moh-9 stays ahead of technical developments in armour ceramics through continuous improvement facilitated by ongoing Research & Development.

MOH-9’s uncompromising approach toward quality ensures that we have implemented some of the most stringent quality-control practices in the industry – after all these products are used in situations where people’s lives are at stake.

Multotec’s Moh-9 division manufactures ceramic armour for all your ballistic protection needs.       

Research and Development

Moh-9 has a culture of research and development, continuously striving to improve what we do and how we do it. We continually seek to offer the best solution to our customers and stay at the forefront of armour ceramics’ technical development.

Moh-9 ensures that the correct properties are contained in its high performance ArMohTec ceramic materials for ballistic applications. We partner with composite solution suppliers, law enforcement and leading defence agencies to develop these products.

We provide body armour ceramics for use by military, police forces and security companies, partnering with composite solution suppliers as well as law enforcement and military experts to continuously develop this specialised ceramic protection.

Your ceramic armour specialist

Michael Dexter is the Managing Director of Moh-9 Division of Wear Solutions. He began his career with in 1996 in the Projects Division gaining experience in linings projects for the power generation and mining industries.

He has a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Senior Leadership Development Programme qualification from Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

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Moh-9 ArMohTec global ceramic armour specialist for over 35 years. Discover more.   

    Moh-9 Armour Ceramics, a division of the Multotec Wear Linings is a global leader with its ArMohTec BODY and ArMohTec VEHICLE and ArMohTec SAFE Armour Ceramics

ChooseMoh-9 for cost-effective, lightweight ArmohTec ceramic armour protection products

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Moh-9 ArMohTec Vehicle Armour

Multotec’s Moh-9 Armour Division provides affordable ceramic vehicle armour that offers high levels of protection. Moh-9 ArMohTec vehicle armour is used by police, security and military forces across land, sea and air.

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Moh-9 ArMohTec Body Armour

Moh-9 designs and shapes ArMohTec ceramic body armour as required for your requirements. Moh-9 offers anatomically designed plates and we are able to tailor-design shapes as requested by customers.

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 Over 35 years experience in developing armour protection products


We partner with composite solution suppliers, law enforecment and leading defense agencies to develop these products.