ArmohTec Body Armour

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Moh-9 Armour Ceramics, a division of Multotec Wear Linings, is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of alumina ceramic body armour internationally.

ArmohTec ceramic body armour from Moh-9 features: 

  • Supplied as single piece of Monolithic ceramic
  • Various shapes, sizes  – single-, double- and multi-curved as well as SAPI plates
  • Thickness ranging from 3 mm to 15 mm
  • Anatomically designed plate for females
  • Low weight and cost-effective
  • Effective protection against modern ammunition types

Bespoke ArmohTec ceramic body armour from Moh-9 is lightweight and cost-effective.Send us an enquiry here today!


Moh-9 Breastplates: multi-tile, side plates and groin plates
Moh-9 Anatomically designed female breast plates. Black tile is covered


We provide body armour ceramics for use by military, police forces and security companies, partnering with composite solution suppliers as well as law enforcement and military experts to continuously develop this specialised ceramic protection.

ArmohTec ceramic material properties

Moh-9 ensures that the correct properties are contained in its high performance ceramic materials for ballistic applications. These include:

  • High hardness
  • High fracture toughness
  • High Young's Modulus
  • High sonic velocity
  • Low mass per area / low aerial density

Moh-9 designs ArmohTec ceramic body armour shapes as required

Our ceramic body armour shapes come in 4 primary variations, single-curved, double-curved, multi-curved and SAPI plates. Each variation has a specific manufacturing technique and is designed for a specific use. Moh-9 offers an anatomically designed plate suited to the female form. We are also able to tailor-design shapes as requested by customers.


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Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

ChooseMoh-9 for cost-effective, lightweight ArmohTec ceramic armour protection products


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