Rotating Tube Splitter

The Rotating Tube Splitter from Multotec provides a reliable, non-contaminative solution used in sample size reduction and in the splitting of given samples into two or more ergonomic portions.

The Rotating Tube Splitter provides an accurate solution for the division of physical and chemical samples into separate streams, with an optional sample rejects stream. The rotating tube splitter is further used in the diversion of alternate replicate samples, through interleaf or dual sampling for equipment precision testwork.

The splitter provides a mechanically reliable and effective material division unit that is suitable for both powdered and particulate bulk materials.

Our rotating tube splitter features:

  • Split sample into more manageable fractions
  • Separate physical and chemical samples
  • Duplicate samples or provide separate rejects streams

Get a low-maintenance, reliable Rotary Tube  Splitter for your mineral sampling operation!

Regional Availability

This product is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South America (Brazil, Chile and Peru).

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