Primary Dry Sampling

Multotec manufactures a complete range of cross belt and cross stream samplers for the global mining and minerals market, ensuring processing plants collect representative (accurate and reproducible), unbiased samples for their conveyed dry ore product streams.

Multotec has supplied more than 700 primary sampling installations in the last 10 years, each of them custom-engineered to our customer’s unique sampling and plant requirements. These systems cover the vast majority of international commodities, including coal, iron ore, manganese, bauxite, chrome, vanadium, aluminium, cobalt, ferroalloys, lime, heavy mineral sands, platinum, gold, copper, zinc, phosphate and other industrial minerals like lithium, for example.

Industrial samplers from Multotec:

  • Optimised cutter speeds, widths, etc. ensure unbiased and representative dry samples are collected
  • Various custom designs to suit application requirements are undertaken
  • Collect samples from moving conveyors and
  • Provide sampling solutions from vertical gravity flow streams with vertical chute work between unit processes
  • Minimum disturbance to material streams when sampling

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ISO, ASTM and AS, stipulate minimum criteria when it comes to taking samples. Multotec’s sampling equipment and solutions are designed to assist customers and clients sampling requirements in adhering to sampling standards, thus enhance process performance and sampling integrity.

  • Sampling cuts can be evenly distributed on a timed, mass basis or on a random stratified frequency over a specified sampling period. For example, a batch or sub lot.
  • Prescribed sample increment mass sizes and numbers shall be collected per consignment size relating to an associated level of precision.
  • There is minimal disturbance to the material stream when taking the necessary full cross-cut, avoiding delineation extraction and weighting errors.
  • Sampling equipment is designed to avoid contamination or loss of final composite samples by minimising sample preparation errors, and avoiding sample bias

In addition to the above-listed range, Multotec’s Cross Stream Sampler is used in collecting accurate and repeatable samples of your wet or dry mineral streams. They are designed for the primary or secondary sampling of falling streams from conveyor head chutes and transfer chutes.

Ensure you are sampling your dry materials with maximum accuracy and efficiency with our range of Dry Sampling Equipment.


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Regional Availability

This is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South American (Brazil, Chile and Peru) markets.

Get accurate and repeatable samples of your mineral content with our sampling solutions

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New Agent in Turkey to Boost Multotec Presence

Multotec has appointed Istanbul-based Turbo Ltd as its new agent in Turkey, according to Bart Malan, Multotec’s international business development manager for Eurasia.


Belt End Cross Cut Sampler

Versatile designs include bottom dump or continuous discharge modes with various cutter travel permutations with our Belt End Cross Cut sampler

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True-Belt® Sampler

True-Belt® samplers from Multotec increase cross-belt sample integrity and reduces material spillage.

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Swing Arm Sampler

Swing arm samplers provide reliable, rotary cross cut mineral samples from conveyor belt bulk material trajectories where loadings are high, such as coal or iron ore export ports.

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Chute Cross Cut Sampler

Chute Cross Cut Samplers offer neat flange to flange correct sampling solutions in vertical gravity flow streams.

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Dry Vezin Sampler

Achieve accurate, representative dry samples for a wide range of minerals, incl. coal, iron ore, precious metals, base metals, heavy minerals, valuable dust and more. 50–600 NB inlet diameter.

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Hammer Cross Belt Sampler

Hammer cross belt samplers provide reliable cross belt samples of your conveyed particulate material streams, particularly coal.

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