Belt End Cross Cut Sampler

Multotec’s belt end cross cut samplers are custom designed for all discharge stream applications; and models are available for all conveyor widths between 450 and 2 400 mm.

Owning to its rugged construction, the belt end cross cut sampler is very suitable for export heavy duty sampling applications. This versatility is extending to the sampler’s drive control methods which are available as both brake and VSD.

Features of Multotec’s belt end cross cut sampler:

  • Custom designed for all discharge stream applications
  • Rugged construction with optional maintenance position
  • Bottom dump or continuous discharge units available
  • Theory of Sampling (TOS) compliant design
  • Prevents spillage of agitated materials
  • Easily mounted on discharge box of  conveyor belt via mounting pads
  • Trouble-free operation with up to 95% availability

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Regional Availability

This is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South American (Brazil, Chile and Peru) markets.

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