Chute Cross Cut Sampler

The chute cross cut sampler from Multotec, using the principle of classical cross-stream sampling at a conveyor discharge head box or within vertical chute work, is designed for primary sampling of essentially all vertical free-falling material applications.

Chute cross cut samplers, widely used in coal, iron ore, sands, diamonds, base and precious metal industries are suitable for a wide range of applications from light duty (HM sands) to heavy duty (coal export terminals) models. Their heavy duty rugged construction is integrated into the chute cross-section or mounted on the head box.

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Chute cross cut sampler benefits

  • Bottom dump or continuous discharge cutter units available
  • Custom-designed to suit client structures and chute work where possible
  • TOS-compliant design to ensure sample integrity
  • Wheels and rail assembly protected from dust and spillage to enhance reliability and mechanical availability
  • Headroom is minimised to reduce plant capital costs
  • Heavy duty robust construction for long life

Chute cross cut samplers from Multotec have a Theory of Sampling (TOS)-compliant design with respect to cutter width, length, geometry speed, orientation and cutter capacity to enhance overall sample integrity. An electric brake motor drives a chain and sprocket arrangement with carriage, on which horizontal or tilted cutters are mounted to cater for material trajectory or direction of flow.

Wheels and rail assembly are protected from dust and spillage to enhance reliability and durability.

Reduce plant capital costs with cross cut samplers from Multotec!


Regional Availability

This is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South American (Brazil, Chile and Peru) markets.

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