True-Belt® Sampler

Multotec’s True-Belt® sampler guarantees collection of unbiased sample increments and can be custom-engineered to suit each application. The rotating plate is also guaranteed not to damage conveyor belts when correctly installed. The unit has low maintenance costs and very consistent and reliable operation.

True-Belt samplers from Multotec are supplied with durable rubber or polyurethane skirting and curtains to prevent spillage of agitated materials, thus reducing maintenance costs.

True-Belt® sampler benefits

  • Prevents spillage of agitated materials and enhances sample integrity
  • Easily mounted along individual sections of conveyor belt
  • Guaranteed not to damage the conveyor belt when correctly installed
  • Trouble-free operation with up to 98% availability
  • Ideal for crushed ROM applications

Guarantee collection of unbiased sample increments with True-Belt® samplers from Multotec. Enhance your plant performance. Contact Multotec here today!

True-Belt® sampler features

  • Suitable for conveyor widths from 450 mm to 2 400 mm
  • Installed on horizontal or inclined conveyor belts – angle up to 18°
  • Designed to suit troughing idlers from 20° to  35°
  • Mass or time-based sampling modes possible
  • Adaptable to facilitate sampling of most conveyed material
  • Spacers used to ensure plough takes a clean cut

The True-Belt® samplers’ direct drive unit is complete with a geared brake motor and a dedicated brake controller panel with adjustable timer. The system is custom-engineered to suit each application and Multotec can provide a complete turnkey solution where necessary.

The plough is available in durable stainless or Mn steel, and is designed to be compliant with and supported by DEM (Discreet Element Modelling) work undertaken by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – Australia).

Regional Availability

This is available in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South American (Brazil, Chile and Peru) markets.

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