Centrifuge Baskets

Multotec’s centrifuge baskets help you achieve optimum solid / liquid separation efficiency from your industrial centrifuge.

Manufactured from abrasion-resistant 430 stainless steel, or 304 stainless steel for corrosive applications, Multotec centrifuge baskets are used across the world in coal, chemicals, food and beverage and other industries.

  • Manufactured in various aperture sizes, open area volumes and longitudinal profiles to suit your process
  • Accelerator bars optimise speed of material, reducing wear
  • Optional feed and discharge end wear cones reduce wear and extend basket life
  • Multotec centrifuge baskets are dynamically balanced to provide peak performance and minimise wear and tear on your centrifuge

Maximise the performance, efficiency and reliability of your industrial centrifuge with Multotec’s range of centrifuge baskets.

Sized to your application

The basket aperture size influences the size of particles in the concentrate , and higher open areas result in lower product moistures. Multotec centrifuge baskets, with our wedge wire profile design, increases the open area and prolongs the life of the basket – ultimately lowering your cost per ton.

Multotec manufactures 3 ranges of Optima centrifuge baskets each with varying sizes to best suit your requirements. These include:

HESHSGFine Coal Types
1 150 x 10° 1 000 x 13° H900
1 300 x 10° 1 100 x 13° HH1000
1 300 x 10° 1 300 x 13° FC1200

Components and finishing:

Optima centrifuge baskets have accelerator bars that assist in calibrating the speed of the material to the speed of the rotating basket. Optional extras include a feed end wear cone – a solid steel plate which absorbs the impact of the feed; and a discharge end wear cone, also a solid steel plate, which overcomes high wear rate due to high peripheral speed.

The feed end flange is fully machined, ensuring a perfectly symmetrical mounting flange and the correct length for the basket.

Centrifuge baskets are dynamically balanced to provide peak performance and to minimise the wear and tear on your industrial centrifuge.

Optimise your centrifuge performance with our range of centrifuge baskets.

Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

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Centrifuge Baskets

Multotec distributes and installs Optima centrifuge baskets which increase uptime through abrasion- and corrosion-resistant designs.

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