Interstage Screening (CIP/CIL)

Multotec manufactures a complete range of wedge wire cylinder screens for CIP and CIL tanks. Custom-made for your specific applications – with various aperture size, wedge wire profiles, diameters, heights and flange parameters – Multotec interstage screens are the optimum solution for CIP and CIL applications in gold beneficiation plants.

The symmetrical, seamless design of our wedge wire interstage cylinders ensures even wear and an extended product life. Precise tolerances on aperture sizes deliver accurate cut points and minimal binding.

  • Cylinder diameters: 550 to 1 750 mm
  • Cylinder lengths up to 4 000 mm
  • Aperture slot widths: 0.315 to 1.25 mm, as required by your carbon or resin size range
  • Longitudinal profiles: 10.2° to 13° angle
  • High-tonnage Kambalda screens treat up to 350 m3/hr
  • Bonanza screens for low capital or low tonnage operations treat up to 50 m3/hr

Fast manufacture of wedge wire cylinders means quick lead and delivery times, wherever your gold processing plant may be.

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Our CIP / CIL Interstage Screens:

Multotec’s CIP and CIL Interstage screening systems are custom-made and ensure even wear and tear.

Optimise the yield of your CIP / CIL process with Multotec interstage screens.

Engineered to optimise your CIP / CIL process

Manufactured with a seamless cylinder design that eliminates flat or high spots, Multotec CIP / CIL screens ensure efficient particle separation to your required cut point over an extended service life. These wedge wire screens are manufactured with 304 stainless steel in corrosive applications, while 430 stainless steel is used in areas requiring abrasion resistance.

Cylinders can be fabricated with different profiles specifically designed for the carbon recovery process. The CIP and 28cp profiles use high release angles to minimise blinding by carbon. The CIP profile provides excellent open areas. The 28cp profile has additional strength needed for AAC MPS and AAC Pump Cell cylinders where increased flow and slurry turbulence generate higher forces.

 We manufacture interstage screens in various standard aperture sizes, but can also manufacture any intermediate size as you require.

Engineered to optimise your CIP / CIL process

Your local Multotec CIP / CIL screening specialists will work with you to determine the optimum aperture size and profile of your screen system, as required by the carbon or resin size range of your leaching process.

With extensive application knowledge and technical expertise, our engineers will help ensure you get the optimum interstage screening media solution. 


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Kambalda Screens

Suitable for plants treating up to 350 m3/hr, Kambalda screens are easy to retro-fit to existing CIP/CIL tanks with agitators.

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Bonanza Screens

Suitable for operations up to 50 m3/hr, these long-life, low-maintenance units are designed to your flow rate and cut point.

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