Multodeck Modular Screening Systems

Multodeck modular screening systems from Multotec allow for only selected panels to be replaced instead of the whole system, significantly reducing downtime and overall costs.

A wide range of apertures and thicknesses are available to suit all mineral processing screen application requirements. In addition, all Multodeck screen panels: 

  • feature quick and simple installation designs
  • are reinforced internally

Multodeck modular screening systems benefits:

  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Firm connection between frame and panel
  • Flat screening ensures even feed distribution
  • Variety of panel dimensions to suit customer needs
  • Common sizes available ex-stock

Greatly reduce costs and downtime – only replace worn panels.

Panel configurations

Multotec has engineered a range of different injection moulded polyurethane Multodeck screen panels. All panels are designed to suit the individual requirements of all mineral processing applications worldwide, allowing you to prolong the wear life of unaffected panels.

Solid Panels: Solid Panels are designed to accommodate high impact areas and discharge lips.

Weirbars: Weirbars can be incorporated onto all standard panels to reduce velocity and increase retention time. They are available in 30, 50 and 100 mm high configurations.

Plain Panels: Multotec retains a large range of colour coded square and slotted plain panel apertures.

Retarder Bars: Retarder Bars can be incorporated onto all standard panels to reduce velocity and increase retention time

Skidbar Panels: Skidbar panels increase the life of the panels when treating coarse ore

Panel construction and fitment

Multotec’s Multodeck modular screen panels are manufactured from polyurethane, which means they can be used across the mineral processing industry when processing coal, diamond, iron ore, copper, gold, platinum ore and base metals. In fact, this mineral processing equipment can be used with most screen media.

Additionally, internal reinforcement ensures that your screen panel:

  • achieves long-lasting performance in extremely abrasive applications, and
  • maintains its structural integrity.

This range of screen panels can be installed on a Saddle Top frame using the H-pin and sleeve system. Sleeves are 23 mm in diameter and colour coded pins are manufactured to suit all panel thicknesses.

In addition to its modular screen panels, Multotec offers a comprehensive range of screen panels suited to most mineral processing screens’ requirements.

Our equipment is installed in 69 countries

Improved efficiency

This screening system also provides good washing with its built-in mini-flood nozzle with a 13 mm orifice.

Multotec also offers screening system variations for improved efficiency and these systems are available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories, suited to most mineral processing operations.

Double the solution:

The Multodeck Modular Screening System is designed to achieve a multi-deck modular screening system where two layers of panels are fitted on to one screen frame.

  • Increased screening are
  • Better screening efficiency / reduced cut point
  • Replaceable pedestals with a range of heights
  • No channelling of material due to gaps between pedestals
  • Standard panels used

Contact a Multotec representative today to discover which panel configuration best suits your application requirements!

Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

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