Polywedge Screen Panels

Offering the advantages of polyurethane and wedge wire in a single product, the Polywedge screen panel is the result of ongoing manufacturing innovation from Multotec.

Available as injection moulded or hand cast, Multotec’s Polywedge screen panels are made from polyurethane and feature the high open area drainage of polyurethane and the abrasive capabilities of wedge wire.

The innovative screen panel consists of standard modular 305 x 305 mm and
305 x 610 mm polyurethane frames and an Optima stainless steel wedge wire insert – offering high abrasion and corrosion resistance. The polyurethane frame is injection moulded and the wedge wire insert is mechanically fastened to the frame.

Our Polywedge screen panels feature:

  • Pin and sleeve and pinless fastening systems
  • Installed and removed with simple tools (from the top of the screen deck)
  • Interchangeable wedge wire insert
  • Proven modular system
  • Reduced cost due to simplified manufacture
  • Custom sizes available to suit your requirements
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories

Reduce downtime and overall operating costs with Multotec’s superior strength Polywedge screen panels

Polywedge screen panels are ideal for harsh, abrasive applications

Stainless steel wedge wire screens ensure long life and high abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as a high open area drainage capacity. The polyurethane compounds in the Polywedge screen panel ensure long life due to imbedded high wear resistance.

Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience


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