Sievebends & Static Screens

Sieve Bends

Multotec manufactures a complete range of polyurethane and wedge wire sieve bends and housings for classification and separation applications in the gold, diamonds, platinum, coal and iron ore processing industries.

Engineered to achieve an even spread of feed and adjustable flow control, Multotec sieve bends are used in:

  • Media recovery
  • Dewatering
  • Desliming
  • Trash removal
  • Can be used in conjunction with vibrating screens

Our sieve bends are manufactured in standard arc lengths of 800, 1 200 and 1 600 mm. We also manufacture non-standard sieve bends, with customised arc angles, radii and developed lengths, for existing installations.

Designed for excellent abrasion and impact resistance, with modular screen panels enabling fast and easy maintenance, Multotec sieve bends help improve your process efficiency and overall plant performance.

Your local Multotec branch will assist you with optimising your sieve bend installation.

International mining houses such as Glencore, Anglo American, BHP Billiton, FQM, Vale and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to optimise plant performance.

Optimising your separation efficiency

The sieve bend (or DSM screen) is an important and effective solution in size classification and dewatering fine particle slurries in heavy minerals processing applications. Sieve bends do not require power to operate (unless a tilting system is integrated), and are a low-cost, quiet and efficient part of your screening process. The curved screen of the sieve bend provides greater capacity than flat wedge screens due to increased gravitational forces on material flowing against the curve, offering higher material throughputs.

Slurries are delivered to the feed box above the sieve bend and overflow onto the screen, which separates water and smaller particles from larger particles, which continue down the screen surface until most of the liquid is removed.

Multotec will match the required cut point, feed rate and solids concentration of your application with the optimum polyurethane or wedge wire sieve bend screen for maximum separation efficiency.

Sieve bend dimensions

Our sieve bends are manufactured in three standard arc lengths. Customised sieve bend sizes, with 60 arcs, various radii and developed lengths, can also be supplied as your application requires.

Sieve bend dimensions

Click the following links to view our full sievebends and statics specification pdf's and photo gallery.

Polyurethane vs wedge wire

Multotec manufactures sieve bend screens in both polyurethane and wedge wire to provide the most efficient solution for your plant.

Wedge wire is the optimum dewatering screen, with a sharp cutting action and maximum open area and drainage. Multotec supplies a wide range of profile wire sieve bends, manufactured with abrasion resistant 430 stainless steel and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.

Polyurethane screens are a cost-effective screening solution that maintains a constant cut point over a long service life. The continuous slot modules are designed to replicate the benefits of wedge wire. Deflector strips helps improve wear life on the screen panel, which requires less frequent turning for greater uptime.

Static Screens

Multotec can build completely customised screen decks for static screens from our range of polyurethane or rubber screening media. Designed to reduce the initial load of material ahead of vibrating screens, they are used across the world in media recovery, dewatering and de-sliming trash removal.

Multotec manufactures a range of static screens with screen panels that are generally standard modular 305 x 305 mm panels with slotted apertures.

  • Customised to your unique screening application
  • Unique pivoting ensures static screens are sloped for optimal screening
  • Improves screening performance by drastically reducing the load
  • Can be used in conjunction with vibrating screens
  • Sloped apertures direct the flow of screened materials

Multotec manufactures an extensive range of static screens complete with feed chute, housing and screen deck in any size.

Multotec has over 45 years’ experience in screening media.


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Sievebends come in polyurethane and wedge wire, suited to any application and can be customised.

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Sievebend Housings

Made from steel or HDPE, Multotec sieve bend housings are a high quality frame for your polyurethane or wedge wire screen.

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Static Screens

Static screens reduce the load of material required ahead of vibrating screens, making them ideal for media recovery and dewatering applications.

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Wedge Wire Sievebends

Wedge wire sieve bends provide maximum open area and drainage, with a sharp cutting action. Wide range of profiles available.

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Polyurethane Sievebends

Maintain a constant cut point over a long service life. Self-supporting internal frame provides excellent strength and durability.

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Reversible & Static Sievebend Housings

Reversible sieve bend housings can be equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic tilting systems as required.

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Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

A range of mineral processing equipment designed to achieve optimal productivity in the world's primary industries, including: 
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