Sievebend Housings

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Sievebend housings from Multotec are tailored to your specific application requirement, and with static and reversible sievebend housing units available, both are suited to polyurethane and wedge wire sievebends.

Both types of sievebend housings have 3 standard dimensions, varying from 800 mm arc length to 1 600 mm arc length and tailor-made sievebends are made to order.

Optimise your process and reduce costs with the right sievebend housing from Multotec

Static sievebend housing advantages:

  • High capacity
  • Non-clogging
  • No moving parts
  • Stainless steel wedge wire screen
  • Low space requirement

Reversible sievebend housing advantages:

  • Choice of either hydraulic or pneumatic tilting system
  • Reduced feed errors
  • Lightweight
  • Zero special lining required

 Sievebend Housing Linings

Polyurethane and wedge wire sievebend housings from Multotec have various types of linings available to suit all applications which increase life in abrasive applications, reduce fire hazards and protects against impact. Multotec manages the entire product lifecycle of your sievebends, from design and installation to monitoring of equipment, to deliver optimum, streamlined performance.

  • High alumina ceramic tiles for long life in abrasive applications
  • Wear resistant epoxies for long life and reduced fire hazard
  • Impact resistant rubber lining for enhanced durability

Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

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Reversible & Static Sievebend Housings

Reversible and static sievebend housings reduce labour, improve safety and are corrosion resistant.

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