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As a leader in industrial mineral processing equipment, manufacturing innovation by Multotec brings advanced Polyurethane Sievebends and wedge wire sievebends to the mineral processing industry.

The polyurethane sievebends, designed for high abrasion applications, are easily maintained, reducing downtime, while its wedge wire sievebends have a larger open area for faster drainage, resulting in increased productivity.

Both sievebend types from Multotec come in 3 standard dimensions enabling use in restricted height areas, applications requiring maximum drainage while reducing feed error. Non-standard dimension polyurethane and wedge wire sievebends can be developed according to your requirements.

Our sievebends feature:

  • Choice of polyurethane or wedge wire
  • Standard and tailored specifications
  • Reduced costs due to long life and increased uptime
  • Different lining types to suit all applications
  • Wedge wire sievebend range includ
  • Reduce downtime and overall operating costs with Multotec’s range of polyurethane and wedge wire sievebends.


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

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Wedge Wire Sievebends

Facilitating increased drainage, wedge wire sievebends give long life through high abrasion resistance.

View Wedge Wire Sievebends Product Details

Polyurethane Sievebends

Polyurethane sievebends have a long life, are easily repaired, and come in 3 standard lengths: 800 mm, 1 200 mm and 1 600mm.

View Polyurethane Sievebends Product Details