Screen Sub Frames

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Multotec manufactures customised high-quality modular screen frame housings for rubber and polyurethane screening media, including dewatering applications. These sub frames are built according to your machine and application specifications to provide a robust, durable and easily replaceable system solution.

Multotec enables flexibility in its screen sub frame through the option of welded or huckbolted runners, which deliver superior wear tolerance and cost-effective maintenance over other mechanical means of fastening. A variety of finishes are available, reducing the corrosive potential of processed material to ensure a prolonged screen sub frame service life.

Multotec screen sub frames are constructed in a variety of designs catering for a wide spectrum of minerals in variously-sized screening applications.

Our screen sub frames feature:

  • Box, dewatering screen, side tension and bolt down sub frames for polyurethane and rubber screens
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Prolong the screen sub frame with oxide/copon paint, galvanising or synthetic coating
  • Application-specific welded or huckbolted runners
  • Customised according to machine and application specifications

Ensure a screen installation with reduced mechanical stress for prolonged screen component life, with Multotec’s array of screen sub frames.


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience


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Welded & Huckbolted Runner Screen Sub Frames

Screen sub frame runners can be mounted with either welding or huckbolting, depending on your requirements

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Standard Modular Screen Sub Frames

Custom box-type, dewatering, side tension and bolt down sub frames provide a durable, reliable housing for polyurethane and rubber screen panels

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Screen Sub Frame Finishes

Anti-corrosive red oxide/copon paint, galvanising, polyurethane or rubber coating to protect your screen sub frame.

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