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Since 1982, trommel screens from Multotec have helped optimise the efficiency of mineral processing plants in sorting and separating materials by size.

Ultra-durable with excellent impact and abrasion resistance, Multotec trommel screens are used by the world’s leading mining houses in some of the world’s toughest mineral processing applications to optimise their cost per tons targets and improve profitability.

    • Trommel drum from 950 – 5 500 mm (diameter), 1 220 – 6 000 mm (length)
    • All trommel sub frames are vibration and thermal stress relieved
    • All welds are NDT tested prior to rubber lining
    • Engineered with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), reduces fatigue stress and improves trommel screen frame life
    • We design your trommel according to load, oversize, particle size distribution, solids SG and operating conditions of your unique application
    • Dual sizing can be achieved in a single trommel

From modular polyurethane or rubber screen panels to complete self-driven trommel systems, Multotec is your total partner in trommel screening applications. Speak to your Multotec specialist today!

Your specialist in trommel screening

Multotec’s ongoing research and development and commitment to continuous equipment optimisation has resulted in rotary trommel that last longer:

  • our mill and scrubber trommels have a design life exceeding five years
  • our self-driven trommels have a design life of 10 year

Mill trommel screens are supplied typically into the platinum, gold and copper sectors while scrubber trommel screens are being supplied mainly into the diamond sector.

Our heavy duty trommel screens comprise the rubber-lined steel frame and replaceable screening surface. Several modifications can be made to this basic trommel screener, including a dual media screen to produce a two-fraction material grading, as well as hydraulic or mechanical self-propulsion.

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Using Finite Element Analysis to boost your trommel screening performance

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) across the complete trommel screen design allows Multotec to calculate the stresses in the structure for a full rotation in order to optimise the fatigue life. The design process adheres to BS 7608:1993 for Fatigue Design Assessment of Steel Structures. Self-driven trommels are also designed by means of FEA and can also be supplied with a feed and discharge arrangement in accordance with specific customer requirements.

FEA is also used to calculate your unique requirement for special cross bracing to counter torsional twisting and account for the ongoing stress placed on the trommel by continuously shifting material loads.

Designing a tailored trommel screen frame

The feed end flange is designed to be compatible with the mill or scrubber flange. The flange has a machined face with a compatible bolting arrangement to the mill / scrubber discharge trunnion flange.

The internal diameter of the feed-end flange or feed-end liners is designed to be the same diameter as the mill discharge or mill discharge liners. The trommel feed end liners can also have a slightly larger diameter to create an outwards step to compensate for wear of the mill discharge liners.

Multotec provides tailor-made, process-specific rotary drum screens in several forms to optimise drainage and sizing requirements.

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Advantages of Multotec trommel screens in your application

Installed at the end of grinding mills and scrubbers, trommel screening is an efficient, mechanically robust method of screening coarse particles, with a trommel screen machine delivering excellent performance over a long service life.

Trommel screens provide a lower capital cost alternative to vibrating screens, and generate significantly less noise in your plant. Decades of global experience and innovation by world-leading metallurgists and mineral processing engineers at Multotec has allowed an optimum trommel screen design that reduces pegging and blinding and enhances your screening performance.

Our modular polyurethane or rubber panels allow only worn screen panels to be individually replaced, not the whole system. Our unique pins and sleeves or bolt down fastening systems simplify any maintenance requirements.

Process guarantees are supplied with all trommel screens sized by Multotec.

Service and support for your trommel

Multotec provides full engineering and aftersales service support for your screening plant. With preventative maintenance geared towards enhancing longevity of trommel system, we can refurbish worn trommel screens.

This includes stripping the rubber lining from the steel structure, prior to visual inspection for wear and non-destructive testing, carried out to determine the integrity of the trommel structure. If your screen is still within specification it can be shot-blasted and re-lined with rubber.

As leading trommel screen manufacturers, Multotec helps customers build larger trommel systems, by overcoming the high wear rates caused by higher peripheral speeds, heavier volumes, and increased flow rates and velocities.

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Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience

In the News

Multotec Builds High Recovery Water Treatment Plant in Middle East (Nov 2018)

After extensive test work and design, mineral processing specialist Multotec Group is commissioning a full‑scale DeSALx® plant to treat waste water from a flue gas desulphurisation scrubber, at a minerals processing plant in Oman in the Middle East.

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Trommel Screens with Modular Panels

Trommel screens with modular panels, for trommels below 2 500 mm in diameter, are designed for maximum screening performance.

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Mill & Scrubber Trommels

Mill & scrubber trommels deliver screening and washing media for your mineral processing operation.

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Large Trommel Screens with Cast Polyurethane Panels

Large trommel screens with cast polyurethane panels, for trommels above 2 500 mm in diameter, deliver optimal performance for high-throughput screening.

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Modular Polyurethane or Rubber Screen Panels

Modular polyurethane or rubber panels with scrolls and weir bars optimise the material feed for best screening results.

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Self Driven Trommels

Self driven trommels are propelled by hydraulic or mechanical power for high-capacity screening.

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Double Trommels

A double trommel has 2 aperture grades within the same unit, delivering 2 material fractions.

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Multotec's mineral screening equipment is used in over 300 mines across Africa. This is because we understand the industry, have refined engineering techniques and offer professional field service maintenance.

A range of mineral processing equipment designed to achieve optimal productivity in the world's primary industries, including: 
Coal, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Copper, Iron Ore, Chrome, Mineral Sands and Power Generation

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