Modular Polyurethane or Rubber Screen Panels

Multotec’s trommel scrolls enhance the movement control of material from the feed-end of the trommel to the discharge end, while weir bars retain the material in the screening area. A combination of both scrolls and weirs feeds material in a controlled manner at the optimal speed for maximum process efficiency.

Modular polyurethane or rubber panels from Multotec are available in forward or reverse scroll orientations, with a variety of different scroll and weir bar heights designed for the required pulp depth. The scroll and weir bar architecture minimises the number of different panels.

The modular polyurethane or rubber panels upon which these scrolls and weir bars are fitted are injection moulded, hand cast or compression moulded as per the grading requirements of your application.

Our modular polyurethane or rubber panels feature:

  • Scroll and weir bar heights tailored for your screening application
  • Different pitches and a number of starts can be supplied to improve retention time
  • High temperature resistance
  • Available in forward or reverse scroll executions
  • Injection moulded or hand cast polyurethane depending on the application

Enhance the control of material movement in your trommel screen with Multotec’s polyurethane or rubber panels with scroll and weir bars!


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

Capitalise on over 40 years of screening media experience


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