Large Trommel Screens with Cast Polyurethane Panels

Trommel Screens with a diameter exceeding 2 500 mm are comprised of heavy-duty cast polyurethane panels that are either bolted or pinned into position. The exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics of polyurethane provide the optimum solution for larger screening applications, with a low mechanical stress and fatigue factor.

Because smaller apertures can be repaired, Multotec ensures that an isolated, seemingly-small problem does not become a general operation-threatening risk.

Large trommel screens with cast polyurethane panels features:

  • Ideal for larger screening requirements
  • Excellent panel abrasion resistance
  • Reduced mass of the trommel frame induces less mechanical stress
  • Small apertures can be repaired with Spaltoflex and Forsiplast inserts
  • Bolted scroll and weir bars can be installed for enhanced pulp control

Enhance your trommel screening operation with a hard-wearing polyurethane panel solution from Multotec


Regional Availability

This is available to the South American and African markets.

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