Municipal Process Water Treatment

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Mining and Industrial Process Water Treatment

Multotec offers a range of process water treatment solutions for municipalities around the world with its Continuous Iconic Filtration (CIF®).

CIF® is applicable to a wide range of applications (including mining and industrial) and produces fit-for-purpose water and potentially valuable by-products.

Use CIF® in your municipality to:

  • Treat ground or surface water (at a lower cost than traditional methods)
  • Recover valuable nutrients

Treat ground or surface water

Ground water is used extensively for potable, industrial and agricultural purposes, but growing populations and industrial action is drastically threatening the quality of this water.

Treatment of ground and surface waters for contaminants such as suspended solids, salt, scaling elements, toxic metals, nitrates and fluorides is necessary prior to use in potable, industrial and agricultural applications.

Multotec offers CIF® to produce fit-for-purpose water at a much lower cost than other conventional technologies. 

Nutrient recovery

Nutrient recovery from wastewater and sludge is growing rapidly across the world. The high cost of fertiliser is incentivising municipalities to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater and associated streams.

Nitrogen in the form of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite as well as phosphorus can potentially be recovered as salts from these streams for use in agriculture. Recovery from liquid streams can be done using the CIF® technology and recovery from sludge is also possible using resin in pulp technology.

Speak to a Multotec consultant today about how we can manufacture a performance-enhancing process solution for you!

Achieve high water recoveries even in high fouling and scaling conditions with Multotec’s process water treatment solutions

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