Clean-iX® for Gold

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Clean-iX® for Gold from Multotec uses gold-selective ion exchange resin to recover gold, instead of the conventional carbon-in-pulp (CIP) recovery method.

Using resins to recover gold in carbonaceous deposits and gold tailings, for cyanide recovery or when using alternative gold leach reagents such as thiosulphate, Clean-iX ® produces cost effective results and high gold recoveries. 

Clean-iX® for Gold value propositions: 

  • High solids handling capacity and minimised use of chemicals
  • Achieve high recovery cost-effectively
  • Gold recoveries up to 25% higher than  carbon processes for carbonaceous deposits
  • Maximum resin performance with fewer process steps
  • Maximised metal concentration and purity in the eluate

Using the Clean-iX® continuous resin-in-leach (cRIL) process in carbonaceous deposits, gold recoveries of up to 25% higher than that of the carbon process can be achieved. Using resin-based processes to process gold tailings means lower capital costs and higher recovery rates. This method also facilitates the recovery of multiple products from tailings.

Clean-iX® provides a cost-effective method of removing and recovering cyanide from barren pulps, and the operating cost is approximately 50% of the cost of purchasing cyanide. However, alternative leaching reagents such as thiosulphate and thiocyanate are becoming more widely used because of the impact cyanide has on the environment. Resin-based processes, like Clean-iX®, can be used for both these leaching reagents.

Speak to a Multotec consultant and discover how Clean-iX® complements your solid/liquid separation processes!

Multotec’s Clean-iX® technology selectively recovers valuable metals and produces a concentrated high purity product, reducing the size of downstream processing.

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