Clean-iX® for Uranium

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Clean-iX® for uranium from Multotec can be used for in-situ leaching (ISL), heap leach, conventional leach and hyper-saline conditions.

When used in ISL, Clean-iX® for uranium is ideal for low-grade in-situ recovery (ISR) – as ion exchange can provide significant upgrades, especially when the unique ‘concentration-desorption’ properties of the U-column is used to produce a high-purity eluate. This reduces the size of downstream processing, impacting both capital and operating costs.

When using Clean-iX® for heap leaching, the need for leach solution clarification is reduced, and only the use of primary and intermediate leach ponds is required. For conventional leaching, Clean-iX® provides potential for direct precipitation, and does not need additional concentration using solvent extraction.

The patented Clean-iX® process U-HiSAL™ is ideal for hyper saline conditions as it can recover uranium in saline and hypersaline water cost-effectively.

Clean-iX® for Uranium value propositions: 

  • Both acid and alkaline leach reagents can be used, with Clean-iX®  flow sheets for each
  • Reduction in the size of downstream processing units. Reduced capital and operating costs
  • High purity product produced, which means direct precipitation of the eluate is possible
  • Cost-effective uranium recovery in hypersaline water
  • Eliminates the need for upfront clarification of the leach solution

Speak to a Multotec consultant and discover how Clean-iX® for Uranium recovery reduces capital and operating expenditure, saving you money.


Multotec’s Clean-iX® technology selectively recovers valuable metals and produces a concentrated high purity product, reducing the size of downstream processing.

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