Filter Press Accessories

Multotec supplies a range of filter press accessories in order to extend the versatility of your filter press system. Multotec’s range of filter press accessories ensures your filter press system achieves higher levels of performance in a wider range of mineral processing applications.

Multotec’s team of engineers and process specialists will customise its range of filter press accessories according to your exact application requirements in order to reduce energy consumption and improve overall process efficiency.

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Filter Cloth

  • Stronger, more durable high performing cloths
  • Custom-designed for your exact application
  • Full range of synthetic and natural fibres, woven and felted
  • Monofilament, multifilament, staple (spun) fibre and combination yarn design
  • Satin, twill, plain, special and duplex weave patterns
  • Lightweight to heavy woven fabrics
  • Precision, high tech equipment and manufacturing
  • Step-by-step process for designing, measuring and creating your filter cloth

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Filter Plates

  • Standard stock plates and special custom designs
  • Full range of filter plates including recessed, membrane, vacuum membrane, and plate frame
  • Filter plates available in polypropylene, kynar, stainless steel or aluminum materials

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Regional Availability

This is available to the global market.

Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton


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