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Industrial centrifuges and decanters from Multotec achieve accurate solid/liquid separation for a range of industries.

We have supplied the Siebtechnik range of industrial centrifuges and decanters to the international mineral, chemical and industrial processing market for over 40 years. In mineral processing, our industrial centrifuge is used in many dewatering and classifying applications for a wide range of minerals and ores, including coal, copper and precious metals.

The Siebtechnik industrial centrifuge is an economical and efficient solution for dewatering large quantities of solids to low final moistures in quick cycle times. The units are compact, and require little space.

Benefits of our industrial centrifuges:

  • Designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes
  • Compact industrial centrifuge designs for small operating areas
  • Reduces waste and enhances discharge quality
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Manufactured by internationally-recognised industrial centrifuge specialists

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Industrial Centrifuges tailored to your spec

Selecting the correct industrial centrifuge will reduce the cost of thermal drying considerably, and Multotec has extensive process knowledge of which industrial centrifuge can optimise your separation requirements.

Because each mineral processing flow sheet is different, we will assess your process design and throughput, and tailor your industrial centrifuge to optimum specifications. The compact nature of these centrifuges means they are easy to install, whether retrofit or greenfields project.

Our industrial centrifuges not only recover valuable minerals from slurries, they help plants reduce their waste, improving the quality of discharged contents and lowering their environmental footprint.

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Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton


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Coal Centrifuges

Multotec supplies the largest range of coal centrifuges, in basket diameters 800 to 1 650 mm. Vibrating and screen scroll centrifuges for coarse and fine coal.

View Coal Centrifuges Product Details

Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Maximise separation efficiency and reduce waste with the universal decanter centrifuge

View Industrial Decanter Centrifuge Product Details

Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge

The Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge from Siebtechnik revolutionises solid/liquid separation with its unique scrolled designs.

View Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge Product Details

Vibrating Screen Centrifuge

Achieve long-lasting performance in the toughest coal applications with our vibrating screen centrifuges

View Vibrating Screen Centrifuge Product Details

Pusher Centrifuge

Achieve long retention times and low solids loss for very fine solids’ separation in the filtrate with a pusher centrifuge

View Pusher Centrifuge Product Details

Conthick Centrifuge

Pre-thicken and screen in one machine with a Conthick centrifuge

View Conthick Centrifuge Product Details

Turbo Screen Decanters

Achieve a high yield with minimal solids losses with a Turbo Screen decanter centrifuge

View Turbo Screen Decanters Product Details

Twin Cone Decanters

Achieve optimal separation with two isolated clarification and drying cones.

View Twin Cone Decanters Product Details

Short Bowl Decanters

Achieve higher control of fine solids with the Short Bowl decanter

View Short Bowl Decanters Product Details

Centriflex Laboratory Centrifuge

Multotec’s Centriflex laboratory centrifuges are used to gauge and examine solid/liquid separation potential of slurries under centrifugal force.

View Centriflex Laboratory Centrifuge Product Details

Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge

Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge for dewatering coarse, uniform solids from 0.2 mm with no blinding guaranteed!

View Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge Product Details

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