Conthick Centrifuge

Multotec supplies the Siebtechnik Conthick centrifuge to international mineral, chemical and industrial processing markets. The design of this centrifuge is based on the technology of the Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge with a pre-thickening area for high-efficiency separation of low solids concentration slurry as well as high recovery of fines.

Ideally suited to separate solids from liquids in slurry, the Conthick centrifuge is typically supplied with a wedge wire basket. If required, a special screening plate can be used when particles sizes are very fine. In either design, the screening elements can be changed very easily without disassembling the machine or removing any rotating parts.

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Features of the Conthick centrifuge:

  • Long service life of the screen elements
  • High yield and minimal loss of solids
  • Pre-thicken area and screen in one machine
  • Simple replacement of screens without disassembly
  • Problem-free, gas-tight design

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Typical applications:

  • Crystals, granulates or fibres with good sedimentation characteristics
  • Particle size d > 0.05 mm in RRSB diagram
  • Solids concentration in the feed 0 - 60 % by weight

Combining the advantages of the world’s best centrifuges into one compact centrifuge!

The Conthick centrifuge is based on the technology and advantages of the Conturbex screen scroll centrifuge with additional pre-thickening unit. The slurry is fed via an inlet pipe to the pre-thickening area of the centrifuge via openings at the centre in the scroll body.

The main liquid will be discharged at the rear of the bowl via an adjustable overflow (weir) to obtain a clean liquid separation (filtrate). The solids are then pre-thickened and transported to the screening area where final dewatering and solids washing, if needed, takes place. Both liquid streams can be discharged individually or combined through a double or single filtrate discharge cyclone.

The scroll conveys the solid matter through the cylindrical screening section to the discharge casing. There can be a relatively small loss of solids in the screening area which can be captured by recycling back with the feed.

Regional Availability

This is available to African market only.

Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton

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