Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

Multotec supplies a range of high-performance Siebtechnik industrial decanter centrifuges to separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density.

This range of heavy-duty, universal decanter centrifuges offers extreme versatility to a wide range of applications.

The unique, robust designs of this range of industrial decanter centrifuges ensures the maximum possible separation efficiency while reducing the waste content– making the decanter centrifuge the most efficient and economical choice for your solid/liquid separation application.

Our range industrial centrifuge decanters are designed to increase separation efficiency for all particle sizes, and we have 3 unique machines to suit your process requirements: TS Decanter Centrifuge, DZ Decanter Centrifuge and DZS Decanter Centrifuge.

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Features of our range of industrial decanter centrifuges:

  • Single or double shaft drive options
  • Ideal for all particle sizes
  • Suitable for very fine solids
  • Incorporated washing system
  • Equipped with screen segments that are replaceable from the outside of the machine

Multotec supplies decanter centrifuges for all separation applications and particle sizes! Contact Multotec and increase your separation efficiency today!

Designed for optimised separation efficiency

Our decanter centrifuges work on the counter-flow principle. This means, that the suspension to be separated is introduced in the centre of the bowl. The sedimented solids material is transported toward the small diameter by the scroll which rotates at a different speed to the bowl. The clarified liquid flows out of the bowl at the large diameter.

The height of the liquid level in the bowl and the resulting ratio of clear liquid and dry solids can be continuously adjusted in the decanter centrifuge. This permits optimum control of the required separation.

The differential speed between scroll and bowl is obtained with a robust and well-proven gear unit. The standard drive arrangement is via V-belts and, depending on the required rotating speed combination, the decanter centrifuge is also equipped with a single drive (fixed eccenter shaft) or double drive design (driven eccenter shaft).

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Multotec supplies 3 different types of decanter centrifuges:

TS Decanter Centrifuge: The TS series is typically used in gas-tight process systems. The closed process housing in combination with proven sealing designs at the small shaft diameters and the design coordinated with the precise operating conditions give this centrifuge a very high degree of reliability.

DZ Decanter Centrifuge: The DZ series can also be supplied in an open process, vapour-tight and gas-tight design. For these applications, the product housings are manufactured in two pieces and sealed with chamber rings. The geometry of the rotating parts is designed for the specific separation requirement. The rotating assembly is carried by pedestal bearings located outside the product housing. Machines with bowl diameters greater than 1 000 mm are standard design in the DZ series.

DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge: The screen decanter centrifuge is a combination of a solid bowl decanting centrifuge and a screen scroll centrifuge with exceptional dewatering results for crystalline and granular products. In the decanter component, the feed suspension is first pre-thickened, i.e. it is extensively dewatered in the conical part of the solid bowl. The liquid is then clarified in the cylindrical part and finally discharged. The pre-thickened solids are transported into the cylindrical screen section by the worm where additional dewatering is achieved.

Regional Availability

This is available to African market only.

Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton

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