Turbo Cascade Sliding Centrifuge

Multotec supplies the Turbo Cascade sliding centrifuge from Siebtechnik for dewatering coarse solids with uniform particle sizes greater than 0.2 mm and no blinding even with pointed particles or “threaded” pieces.

The solid particles slide individually, not as a closed layer, over the screen which is subdivided into steps or “cascades” for more efficient dewatering.

The unique designs of the Turbo Cascade decanter exposes solid matter to higher G-forces, and its increased surface area and larger diameter screen facilitate longer dewatering.

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Features of Turbo Cascade Sliding centrifuge:

  • Used with either perforated plates or wedge wire screens
  • Zero blinding even with pointed particles or “threaded” pieces
  • Gas- or vapour-tight construction
  • Available with pre-thickeners or static dewatering screen

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Designed for optimal production

Guide plates which rotate with the basket carry a mixture of air and solids directly over the screens and prevent jumping over the steps too quickly and missing possible screening surface area.

Even though the solids are only exposed to the centrifugal force for only a very short time, the surface discharge moisture can be reduced to some tenths of a percent based on the solids characteristics. In accordance with the requirements and operating conditions, perforated plates or wedge wire screens are used.

With special handling and finishing of the screening media used, no blinding occurs even with pointed particles or “threaded” pieces.

Generally the Turbo Cascade is gas- or vapour-tight construction with recirculation of the air from the filtrate cyclone back into the product housing.

To eliminate large quantities of water in the feed, we can also deliver pre-thickeners or static dewatering screens to make the machine size as small as possible.

Regional Availability

This is available to African market only.

Multotec increases the rate of solid/liquid separation, lowering your overall cost per ton

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