Ishigaki Rapid Polishing Filter

Multotec supplies Ishigaki Fibre-Wakishimzu polishing filter – an eco-friendly, high velocity filtration system.

This high-capacity polishing filter system is ideal for dewatering applications in industrial water, sewage, wastewater treatment, seawater, pool water, chemical water and industrial mining applications.

High filtration velocity and footprint: the rapid polishing filter has a large filtration area for maximising filtration velocity.

This filter is highly efficient and compact. It requires considerably less floor space within a production plant and is relatively lightweight.

Features of Ishigaki rapid polishing filter:

  • High-capacity filtration system
  • Lowered labour requirements
  • Lessened energy requirements due to smaller sized pump
  • Space-saving, compact designs
  • 3-5 times smaller footprint compared to sand filtration
  • Stable operation with unique recovery system of filter media
  • Reliable fibre media washing system

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Three concise steps for high capacity, energy-efficient filtration

The unique rapid filter media washing cycle of the Ishigaki polishing filter comprises of three key steps that enable the energy-efficient isolation of solids and liquids: agitation, washing the filter media and returning slurry to filtration.

Agitation: When the Fibre-Wakishimzu detects the parameters of washing times through the pressure gauge, the agitator begins to wash the media.

Washing the filter media: After a short agitation period, the washing filter media process follows, in which raw water is fed from the top of the main body as backwashed water.

Returning slurry to filtration: After the washing filter media process and, the fed raw water purges all the solids that remain suspended in the main body and then the water re-circulates.

Regional Availability

This is available to African market only.

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