Green Dot Tile

Green Dot Tiles from Multotec are engineered for plant operators to timeously monitor wear on chute lining. Designed to help Multotec customers reduce downtime, these tiles feature an integrated wear indicator using a two-tone insert in the tile centre, which facilitates easier visual monitoring.

Forming part of Multotec’s range of wear solutions for transfer points and chutes, the Green Dot Tiles are green and red in colour. The green part of the insert wears simultaneously to the tile, revealing the red layer only when 25% of the tile thickness remains. This indicates the lining needs replacing.

The tile’s flexible engineering, exclusive to Multotec, allows for blue colouring instead of red when red is not easily visible, like iron ore applications, for example.

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 Green Dot Tile advantages 

  • Dual colouring facilitates fast and easy tile inspection
  • Timeous reminders of necessary tile replacement, contributing to reduced production costs
  • Reduced plant downtime contributes to increased production
  • The insert forms part of a single cohesive tile, so tile integrity remains intact
  • They complement Multotec’s quick fit panels, which simplify wear lining installation

Multotec’s Wear Linings is the only South African ceramic manufacturer to offer an integrated wear indicator.

How Green Dot Tiles work 

Using a proprietary process, the insert is formed with combined colours and the fusion within the tile to form a single cohesive tile. This provides the necessary strength consistency and integrity, as well as enhanced wear properties.

The visible wear indicator allows plant operators to easily determine the extent of wear and to plan preventative maintenance with minimal downtime. This provides savings in terms of both operational and maintenance costs.

Multotec manufactures and distributes a vast range of wear solutions that includes transfer points & chutes and rubber mill liners,ball mill liners, profile liners, mill and scrubber linings and rubber linings.

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